The Aquarium

This section houses animals that live in water bodies. Species in the park include barbs, yellow tangs, Lake Malawi cichlids, Pacus, African lungfish, rainbowfish, blind cave fish, clownfish and blue chromis. Guides will walk you through the unique features of each species in the aquarium as well as the importance of fish in the ecosystem. They will also take you through the conservation efforts in place to safeguard the endangered species.



In this section, you will find all sorts of amphibians ranging from newts to frogs all the way to toads. Examples include golden mantellas, fire-bellied toads, green-and-black poison dart frogs, axolotls, waxy monkey frogs, cane toads, fire salamanders and knobby newts. Visitors not only get to learn more about amphibians and their place in the ecosystem, but they also get to interact with the animals.


The birds in the park are quite varied, and they include java sparrows, violet turacos, crested wood partridges, golden pheasants, demoiselle cranes, African crowned cranes and red-billed blue magpies. Birds have been facing threats to their existence in the past few decades, and these changes have seen some species go into extinction. Conservation efforts underway at the park gear at providing suitable conditions in which these birds can thrive and thus protect them for the generations to come.

Small Mammals

There are many small-sized mammals in the park. Key examples include harvest mice, sugar gliders, Rodrigues island fruit bats, chinchillas, long-nosed potoroos, spiny mice and lesser hedgehog tenrecs.


outdoor lizard

The animals are not only present in the various sections, and you will find quite a number of them on the outside. Examples include the common marmosets, degus, maras, emperor tamarins, ring-tailed lemurs, snow leopards, parma wallabies, red-fronted brown lemurs, red squirrels, meerkats and Belanger’s Tree Shrews.

Adults can interact with the big animals for an extra small fee so if you fancy feeding a snow leopard; you have the opportunity to make your dream come true. All the money spent by visitors in the park goes into caring for the animals as well as funding the conservation projects in place. Visit the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis and get to see conservation efforts make a difference in an animal’s life.