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The Valleys

The valleys are quite numerous, and they surround the mountains. The exciting thing about them is that they divide the mountains into individual blocks, thus creating a unique view. Artists and poets have been to the area, in a bid to capture the beauty in pictures and words respectively. There is a lot of charm to appreciate in the valleys.


There is a tree line, and if you venture below it, you get into the woods which are bursting with both fauna and flora. Here, you will find native oak woodlands as well as softwoods which provide a habitat for the indigenous wildlife. The red squirrel is one of the animals which thrive

in this environment, and few like it across other parts of England. The rainfall received in this area is much higher than in other parts of England. Owing to this, ferns, mosses, liverworts and lichen have the opportunity to thrive. The management practices used in the woods vary to ensure that the ecosystem remains stable for the centuries to come.

The Hills

the hills

This area is quite hilly — the four highest ranges in Lakeland are the Scafell Pike which measures 978 meters, the Scafell which measures 965 meters, the Helvellyn with 951 meters and the Skiddaw with 931 meters. The fells’ classification is as per their location. They are as follows: Northern, North Western, Western, Central, Eastern, Far Eastern, Southern and South Eastern.

The Lakes

There are many water bodies in the area, and they all fall under different classifications. It is interesting to note that only one water body falls under the designation of a lake and that is the Bassenthwaite Lake. The other bodies go by the terms tarns, meres and waters. You will find that most of the reservoirs you come across will go by the term water, with few of them getting classified as meres.

The Wildlife

With all these physical features, tons of wildlife can get a habitat where they can thrive. Red squirrels live in the woodlands where they can source food, stay safe and multiply. There are many bird species in the region, and they live in varying topographies. Examples include the Ravens and the buzzards as well as seasonal birds such as the redstarts. The water bodies provide a home for fish such as the Roach and the Vendace.

This region has a myriad of activities which you can take part in, including cycling, hiking, sight-seeing as well as other things in which you have an interest. The picturesque surroundings will wow you, as well as the diverse wildlife in the area. It is indeed the place to be when seeking a peaceful environment that is bursting with outdoor fun. Enjoy your stay and be sure to keep your practices in line with the conservation efforts in the region.