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Tullie House Museum has extensive natural history collections relating to Cumbria and Great Britain. For more information on these collections visit Tullie House Museum Collections

Insecta Cumbriensia

Take a virtual tour of the insect collections

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Take a virtual tour of the insect collections at Tullie House Museum and Cumbrian specimens in other museums in north west England.
NB: The virtual tour uses Flash-based animation, which is suitable only for broadband connections.

If you are on dial-up pleaseclick here for a text-based version of Insecta Cumbriensia

The information provided here is based on the 30,000 insect specimens that we have so far catalogued on computer. This is not a complete catalogue of the insect collections here at Tullie House, which contain some 150,000 specimens. There are also many other Cumbrian specimens in other museums that we have yet to enter onto our database.

Two lists are provided - the first contains Cumbrian specimens only, whilst the second provides details of all the catalogued insects in the Tullie House collections as well as Cumbrian material that we know of held in other museums. The specimens listed here are not a complete list of the species represented in our collections and the Museum may also hold additional specimens of any of the listed species.