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Member organisations of Cumbria Biological Data Network

Natural England

Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Cumbria County Council

Environment Agency

Lake District National Park Authority

National Trust

Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery

Local wildlife and geology web sites

Carlisle Natural History Society

Cumbria Biodiversity Partnership

Cumbria Bird Club

Cumbria Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS)

Cumberland Geological Society

Westmorland Geological Society

Eden Rivers Trust

Peter Wilde's wildlife website

Cumberland Bat Group

National web sites

The National Biodiversity Network is a project to build the first national biodiversity network in the UK uk

The site links to the NBN Gateway, which provides national wildlife distribution information

For information on National Nature Reserves, other protected sites and semi-natural habitats visit English Nature’s Nature on the Map web site

The national organisation for butterfly conservation and recording is

Freshwater Life website

Freshwater Biological Association

Link to Tullie House Museum and Gallery website